Driving Growth, Delivering Yield.

Blistering Brands is a fintech platform that helps eCommerce sellers grow more quickly with higher profits.

Scaling eCommerce with Blistering Brands

We work with select, high-quality sellers to grow their businesses in an innovative way. Learn more about the Blistering Brands approach to unlocking eCommerce value.

How it works

We provide a non-bank, non-dilutive financing solution for ecommerce sellers to buy more inventory, increase revenue, and grow their businesses.


We’ve deployed more than $10M in capital to sellers, powered by accredited investors who want to earn high yields from eCommerce without the risk and hassle of their own stores.

Just Say No to the Inventory Hurdle

Inventory is the main hurdle for a scaling eCommerce sellers. It's expensive to buy and costly to store. We remove this hurdle by purchasing and managing inventory for our partners. This helps them focus on growth instead of:

Lending Challenges
Expensive Financing
Ownership Dilution
Missed Opportunities

Select Partners

Here are a few eCommerce sellers using Blistering Brands financing solutions to remove the inventory hurdle and scale their businesses.

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Get 12% annual yield with monthly payments by becoming an investor in our platform. Accredited Investors only.

12% Annual Yield

Monthly Interest Payments

3-Year Term

Accredited Investors Only

Investments are subject to risk.

Please read our offering circular for full details


Investing in Blistering Brands was one of the best decisions I've made. Their ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics and consistently deliver exceptional results is unparalleled.
Emily Nguyen
Blistering Brands II Investor
Emily Nguyen
Blistering Brands is more than just a company; they're strategic partners who are deeply invested in the success of their clients. Their data-driven approach, coupled with their creative vision, sets them apart in a crowded marketplace.
Michael Patel
Managing Partner
Michael Patel
Blistering Brands helped our company sell millions with ease. I would't use anyone else.
Sean Jacobs
Blistering brands is the real deal. I can't believe how much we have grown in the past year. We could not have done it without them.
Fredrick McDonald
Mad Power Sports

Earn 12% annual yield from eCommerce

Blistering Brands offers investors a 12% Fixed Annual Yield notes with a 3-Year term. Investments start at $25,000.