Earn 12% Annual Yield from eCommerce

Blistering Brands offers investors a 12% Fixed Annual Yield note with a 3-Year term. Investments starting at $25,000.

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Investing with Blistering Brands

Secured promissory notes issued to accredited investors in the United States. This is offered under SEC REG D 506c with terms pursuant to the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Accredited Only

Secured Notes

Interest Paid Monthly

No Fees. IRA Eligible

12% APY

Fixed Annual Yield


Minimum Investment

3-Year Term

With the ability to roll/renew


Offering Amount

E-Commerce Market at a Glance

E-Commerce in 2022 accounted for $905 Billion Dollars


Higer than 2020


All online sales activity accounted by Amazon


Individual Amazon Sellers


Expected growth in 2023


Investing in Blistering Brands was one of the best decisions I've made. Their ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics and consistently deliver exceptional results is unparalleled.
Emily Nguyen
Blistering Brands II Investor
Emily Nguyen
Blistering Brands is more than just a company; they're strategic partners who are deeply invested in the success of their clients. Their data-driven approach, coupled with their creative vision, sets them apart in a crowded marketplace.
Michael Patel
Managing Partner
Michael Patel
Blistering Brands has demonstrated an exceptional ability to drive growth and deliver results for its clients. Their innovative strategies and commitment to excellence make them a standout in the marketing industry.
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson

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Get 12% annual yield with monthly payments by becoming an investor in our platform. Accredited Investors only.

12% Annual Yield

Monthly Interest Payments

3-Year Term

Accredited Investors Only

Investments are subject to risk.

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Earn 12% annual yield from eCommerce

Blistering Brands offers investors a 12% Fixed Annual Yield notes with a 3-Year term. Investments start at $25,000.